Journal of Materials Research and Technology Journal of Materials Research and Technology
January - March 2018
Vol. 7. Num. 1.
Pages 1-102
Original Articles
Cathodic polarization behavior of the structural steel wires under different prestressing conditions
Amjad Saleh El-Amoush, Salman A. Al-Duheisat
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:1-6
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Ionic liquid assisted hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles: photocatalytic and antibacterial activity
Kristappagari Manjunath, Lakshmi Sagar Reddy Yadav, Thummala Jayalakshmi, Viswanath Reddy, Hanumanthappa Rajanaika, Ganganagappa Nagaraju
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:7-13
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CO2 responses based on pure and doped CeO2 nano-pellets
Ahmed A. Aboud, Heba Al-Kelesh, Waleed M.A. El Rouby, Ahmed A. Farghali, Abdalrahman Hamdedein, Mohamed H. Khedr
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:14-20
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Silane coupling agent for enhanced epoxy-iron oxide nanocomposite
Hamdy M. Naguib, Mona A. Ahmed, Zeinab L. Abo-Shanab
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:21-8
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Tool material effect on the friction stir butt welding of AA2124-T4 Alloy Matrix MMC
Yahya Bozkurt, Zakaria Boumerzoug
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:29-38
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Effect of laser irradiation on micro-hardness, compactness and Raman spectrum of glassy Se76Te20Sn2Cd2 alloy
Amit Kumar, Mousa M.A. Imran, Arvind Sharma, Neeraj Mehta
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:39-44
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Regenerated cellulose from high alpha cellulose pulp of steam-exploded sugarcane bagasse
Natthapong Phinichka, Sirinun Kaenthong
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:55-65
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Precipitation hardening in dilute Al–Zr alloys
Pedro Henrique Lamarão Souza, Carlos Augusto Silva de Oliveira, José Maria do Vale Quaresma
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:66-72
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Synthesis of FeF2/carbon composite nanoparticle by one-pot solid state reaction as cathode material for lithium-ion battery
Mengyun Tang, Zhengfu Zhang, Zi Wang, Jingfeng Liu, Hongge Yan, Jinhui Peng, Lei Xu, Shenghui Guo, Shaohua Ju, Guo Chen
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:73-6
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Effect of Mg addition on LaMnO3 ceramic system
García Iván Supelano, Aura J. Barón-González, Armando Sarmiento Santos, César Ortíz, Julieth A. Mejía Gómez, Carlos A. Parra Vargas
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:77-81
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Anisotropic damage of titanium plates under uniaxial tension after reverse bending
Nataliia Shkatulyak, Elena Savchuk, Valentin Usov
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:82-8
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Experimental investigation of span length for flexural test of fiber reinforced polymer composite laminates
Akhil Mehndiratta, Spandan Bandyopadhyaya, Vijaya Kumar, Dhiraj Kumar
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:89-95
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Review article
Effect of calcium ion on the separation of rhodochrosite and calcite
Na Luo, De-zhou Wei, Yan-bai Shen, Wen-gang Liu, Shu-ling Gao
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:96-101
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