Journal of Materials Research and Technology Journal of Materials Research and Technology
January - March 2014
Vol. 3. Num. 1.
Pages 1-100
Marc André Meyers, Terence G. Langdon, Ronaldo Barbosa, Sergio Neves Monteiro
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:1
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Original Articles
Dynamic measurement of coal thermal properties and elemental composition of volatile matter during coal pyrolysis
Rohan Stanger, Wei Xie, Terry Wall, John Lucas, Merrick Mahoney
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:2-8
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Corrosion and wear behaviour of Al–Mg–Si alloy matrix hybrid composites reinforced with rice husk ash and silicon carbide
Kenneth Kanayo Alaneme, Tolulope Moyosore Adewale, Peter Apata Olubambi
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:9-16
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Experimental and numerical investigation of formability for austenitic stainless steel 316 at elevated temperatures
Syed Mujahed Hussaini, Swadesh Kumar Singh, Amit Kumar Gupta
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:17-24
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Short-term oxidation response of Nb–15Re–15Si–10Cr–20Mo alloy
Ruth Melody Dasary, Shailendra Kumar Varma
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:25-34
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Optimization of process parameters in drilling of GFRP composite using Taguchi method
Vinod Kumar Vankanti, Venkateswarlu Ganta
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:35-41
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Conformational adaptation of 2H-Tetraphenylporphyrin at Fe/Si(100) interface during metalation
Chhagan Lal, Marco Caputo, Andrea Goldoni, Indraprabha Jain
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:42-7
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Fatigue behavior of 3%Y2O3-doped ZrO2 ceramics
Renato Chaves Souza, Claudinei dos Santos, Miguel Justino Ribeiro Barboza, Luiz de Araujo Bicalho, Carlos Antonio Reis Pereira Baptista, Carlos Nelson Elias
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:48-54
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Simulation of unconstrained solidification of A356 aluminum alloy on distribution of micro/macro shrinkage
Hossein Bayani, Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mirbagheri, Mojtaba Barzegari, Sadegh Firoozi
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:55-70
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Finite element simulation of ironing process under warm conditions
Swadesh Kumar Singh, Vinay Kumar, Paresi Prudvi Reddy, Amit Kumar Gupta
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:71-8
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Investigations on mechanical properties of aluminum hybrid composites
Dora Siva Prasad, Chintada Shoba, Nallu Ramanaiah
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:79-85
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Scale up and simulation of Vertimill™ pilot test operated with copper ore
Douglas Batista Mazzinghy, Roberto Galéry, Claudio Luiz Schneider, Vladmir Kronemberger Alves
J Mater Res Technol 2014;3:86-9
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