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Section: Original Articles
Precipitation of secondary phase in Mg-Zn-Gd alloy after room-temperature deformation and annealing
Hua Huang, Hongwei Miao, Guangyin Yuan, Chunlin Chen, Zhongchang Wang
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:135-41
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Alkaline leaching of lead and zinc by sodium hydroxide: kinetics modeling
Seyed Mahyar Seyed Ghasemi, Asghar Azizi
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:118-25
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Effective yield surface of porous media with random overlapping identical spherical voids
Abdellah Bourih, Wahid Kaddouri, Toufik Kanit, Salah Madani, Abdellatif Imad
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:103-17
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Optimization of process parameters for spark plasma sintering of nano structured SAF 2205 composite
Samuel Ranti Oke, Oladeji Oluremi Ige, Oluwasegun Eso Falodun, Babatunde Abiodun Obadele, Mxolisi Brendon Shongwe, Peter Apata Olubambi
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:126-34
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A comparative study of structural and mechanical properties of Al–Cu composites prepared by vacuum and microwave sintering techniques
Penchal Reddy Matli, Ubaid Fareeha, Rana Abdul Shakoor, Adel Mohamed Amer Mohamed
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:165-72
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Synthesis and hydrogen storage of La23Nd7.8Ti1.1Ni33.9Co32.9Al0.65 alloys
Priyanka Meena, Mukesh Jangir, Ramvir Singh, Vishnu Kumar Sharma, Indra Prabh Jain
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:173-9
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Combination of gravity concentration variables to increase the productivity of the Brucutu mineral processing plant
Fábio de São José, Hemerson Oliveira Barcelos, Carlos Alberto Pereira
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:158-64
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Effect of laser irradiation on micro-hardness, compactness and Raman spectrum of glassy Se76Te20Sn2Cd2 alloy
Amit Kumar, Mousa M.A. Imran, Arvind Sharma, Neeraj Mehta
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:39-44
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Tool material effect on the friction stir butt welding of AA2124-T4 Alloy Matrix MMC
Yahya Bozkurt, Zakaria Boumerzoug
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:29-38
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Silane coupling agent for enhanced epoxy-iron oxide nanocomposite
Hamdy M. Naguib, Mona A. Ahmed, Zeinab L. Abo-Shanab
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:21-8
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CO2 responses based on pure and doped CeO2 nano-pellets
Ahmed A. Aboud, Heba Al-Kelesh, Waleed M.A. El Rouby, Ahmed A. Farghali, Abdalrahman Hamdedein, Mohamed H. Khedr
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:14-20
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Regenerated cellulose from high alpha cellulose pulp of steam-exploded sugarcane bagasse
Natthapong Phinichka, Sirinun Kaenthong
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:55-65
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Precipitation hardening in dilute Al–Zr alloys
Pedro Henrique Lamarão Souza, Carlos Augusto Silva de Oliveira, José Maria do Vale Quaresma
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:66-72
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Experimental investigation of span length for flexural test of fiber reinforced polymer composite laminates
Akhil Mehndiratta, Spandan Bandyopadhyaya, Vijaya Kumar, Dhiraj Kumar
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:89-95
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Cathodic polarization behavior of the structural steel wires under different prestressing conditions
Amjad Saleh El-Amoush, Salman A. Al-Duheisat
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:1-6
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Effect of Mg addition on LaMnO3 ceramic system
García Iván Supelano, Aura J. Barón-González, Armando Sarmiento Santos, César Ortíz, Julieth A. Mejía Gómez, Carlos A. Parra Vargas
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:77-81
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