Journal of Materials Research and Technology Journal of Materials Research and Technology
Current issue
January - March 2017
Vol. 6. Num. 1.
Pages 1-100

The Journal of Materials Research and Technology (JMRT) is a publication of the Brazilian Metallurgical, Materials and Mining Association and publishes four issues per year. JMRT provides an international medium for the publication of theoretical and experimental studies related to Metallurgy, Materials and Minerals research and technology. Appropriate submissions to JMRT should include scientific and/or engineering factors which affect processes and products in the Metallurgy, Materials and Mining areas.

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Vol. 6. Num. 1. January - March 2017 Pages 1-100
Original Articles
Enhanced photocatalytic activity of calcined natural sphalerite under visible light irradiation
Abdulhamid Hamza, Israila Joshua John, Bello Mukhtar
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:1-6
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Electronic and ionic conductivity studies on microwave synthesized glasses containing transition metal ions
Basareddy Sujatha, Ramarao Viswanatha, Hanumathappa Nagabushana, Chinnappa Narayana Reddy
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:7-12
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Wear resistance enhancement of titanium alloy (Ti–6Al–4V) by ball burnishing process
Goutam Devaraya Revankar, Raviraj Shetty, Shrikantha Srinivas Rao, Vinayak Neelakanth Gaitonde
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:13-32
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Laser composite surfacing of A681 steel with WC+Cr+Co for improved wear resistance
Moisés Felipe Teixeira, Victor Alexandre Veit Schmachtenberg, Gustavo Tontini, Guilherme Dalla Lana Semione, Walter Lindolfo Weingaertner, Valderes Drago
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:33-9
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Influence of the chemical composition on steel casting performance
Roney Eduardo Lino, Ângelo Máximo Fernandes Marins, Leandro Aparecido Marchi, Jamylle Assis Mendes, Lucas Vieira Penna, Joaquim Gonçalves Costa Neto, João Henrique Palmer Caldeira, André Luiz Vasconcellos da Costa e Silva
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:50-6
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Thermodynamic modeling of phases equilibrium in aqueous systems to recover potassium chloride from natural brines
Ruberlan Gomes da Silva, Marcelo Seckler, Sonia Denise Ferreira Rocha, Daniel Saturnino, Éder Domingos de Oliveira
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:57-64
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Structural characterization of plasma nitrided interstitial-free steel at different temperatures by SEM, XRD and Rietveld method
Ana Paula de Andrade Manfridini, Geralda Cristina Durães de Godoy, Leandro de Arruda Santos
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:65-70
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The settling behavior of quartz using chitosan as flocculant
Bo Feng, Jinxiu Peng, Xianwen Zhu, Wanfu Huang
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:71-6
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Review Articles
3D metal droplet printing development and advanced materials additive manufacturing
Lawrence E. Murr, Wayne L. Johnson
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:77-89
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Short Communications
An investigation of abrasive wear and corrosion behavior of surface repair of gray cast iron by SMAW
Alireza Sadeghi, Ahmad Moloodi, Masoud Golestanipour, Meysam Mahdavi Shahri
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:90-5
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Strength evaluation of flake and spheroidal graphite cast irons using diametral compression test
Sudheer Reddy, P.G. Mukunda, Kiran Aithal, P. Balachandra Shetty
J Mater Res Technol 2017;6:96-100
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