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The Journal of Materials Research and Technology (JMRT) is a publication of the Brazilian Metallurgical, Materials and Mining Association and publishes four issues per year. JMRT provides an international medium for the publication of theoretical and experimental studies related to Metallurgy, Materials and Minerals research and technology. Appropriate submissions to JMRT should include scientific and/or engineering factors which affect processes and products in the Metallurgy, Materials and Mining areas.

Qualis (Brazil): Engineering II - A1. Materials - A2

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Vol. 7. Num. 4.
Pages 403-616 (October - December 2018)
Original articles
Effect of powder shape on effective thermal conductivity of Cu–Ni porous coatings
Mona Moayeri, Ali Kaflou
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:403-9
Open access
Microhardness distribution and finite element method analysis of Al 5452 alloy processed by unconstrained high pressure torsion
Sina Ghaemi Khiavi, Esmaeil Emadoddin
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:410-8
Open access
Structural, optical, morphological and thermal properties of PEO/PVP blend containing different concentrations of biosynthesized Au nanoparticles
ElMetwally M. Abdelrazek, Amr M. Abdelghany, Shalabya I. Badr, Mohamed A. Morsi
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:419-31
Open access
Advanced 3Y-TZP bioceramic doped with Al2O3 and MnO2 particles potentially for biomedical applications: study on mechanical and degradation properties
Dinesh Ragurajan, Mohsen Golieskardi, Meenaloshini Satgunam, Md Enamul Hoque, Angela Min Hwei Ng, Mariyam Jameelah Ghazali, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:432-42
Open access
Hysteresis analysis of Thornton (IP6, IP12E and TH5V) magnetic materials through the use of Arduino microcontroller
Vincent A. Balogun, Bankole I. Oladapo, Adeyinka O.M. Adeoye, Joseph F. Kayode, Samuel O. Afolabi
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:443-9
Open access
Rapid fabrication and characterization of AISI 304 stainless steels modified with Cu additions by additive alloy melting (ADAM)
Miguel Cristobal, David San-Martin, Carlos Capdevila, José Antonio Jiménez, Srdjan Milenkovic
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:450-60
Open access
The structure and properties of pre-alloyed NiAl-Cr(Co,Hf) spherical powders produced by plasma rotating electrode processing for additive manufacturing
Yu.Yu. Kaplanskii, A.A. Zaitsev, Zh.A. Sentyurina, E.A. Levashov, Yu.S. Pogozhev, P.A. Loginov, I.A. Logachev
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:461-8
Open access
Evaluation of experimentally observed asymmetric distributions of hardness, strain and residual stress in cold drawn bars by FEM-simulation
Juliana Zottis, Carla Adriana Theis Soares Diehl, Alexandre da Silva Rocha
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:469-78
Open access
Kinetics of conversion of brushite coatings to hydroxyapatite in alkaline solution
Daniel Navarro da Rocha, Marcelo H. Prado da Silva, José Brant de Campos, Rubens L. Santana Blazutti Marçal, Dindo Q. Mijares, Paulo G. Coelho, Leila Rosa Cruz
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:479-86
Open access
Application of a homemade procedure for manufacturing of a rod mechanical spare part
Verona Biancardi Oliveira, Aline Maria Frez Ouverney, Claudine Guimarães Leite Cardoso, Carlos Sérgio da Costa Viana
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:487-91
Open access
Production and characterization of a novel artificial stone using brick residue and quarry dust in epoxy matrix
Maria Luiza P.M. Gomes, Elaine A.S. Carvalho, Larissa N. Sobrinho, Sergio N. Monteiro, Rubén J.S. Rodriguez, Carlos Maurício F. Vieira
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:492-8
Open access
Review article
Fundamental aspects of the martensite transformation curve in Fe-Ni-X and Fe-C alloys
José Roberto Costa Guimarães, Paulo Rangel Rios
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:499-507
Open access
Short communication
Crystallization study and morphology behaviour of calcium carbonate crystals in aqueous Surfactant-Pluronics® prototype
Bharatkumar Kanoje, Jigisha Parikh, Ketan Kuperkar
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:508-14
Open access
Special abm week 2017
Mechanical behavior of mallow fabric reinforced polyester matrix composites
Ygor Macabu de Moraes, Carolina Gomes Dias Ribeiro, Carlos Luiz Ferreira, Eduardo Sousa Lima, Jean Igor Margem, Lucio Fabio Cassiano Nascimento, Sergio Neves Monteiro
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:515-9
Open access
Charpy impact test of epoxy composites reinforced with untreated and mercerized mallow fibers
Lucio Fabio Cassiano Nascimento, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Luis Henrique Leme Louro, Fernanda Santos da Luz, Jheison Lopes dos Santos, Fábio de Oliveira Braga, Rubens Lincoln Santana Blazutti Marçal
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:520-7
Open access
Critical length and interfacial strength of PALF and coir fiber incorporated in epoxy resin matrix
Fernanda Santos da Luz, Flávio James Humberto Tommasini Vieira Ramos, Lucio Fabio Cassiano Nascimento, André Ben-Hur da Silva Figueiredo, Sergio Neves Monteiro
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:528-34
Open access
Performance of jute non-woven mat reinforced polyester matrix composite in multilayered armor
Foluke Salgado de Assis, Artur Camposo Pereira, Fábio da Costa Garcia Filho, Édio Pereira Lima, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Ricardo Pondé Weber
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:535-40
Open access
Ballistic comparison between epoxy-ramie and epoxy-aramid composites in Multilayered Armor Systems
Fábio de Oliveira Braga, Thiago Lara Milanezi, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Luis Henrique Leme Louro, Alaelson Vieira Gomes, Édio Pereira Lima
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:541-9
Open access
Characterization of TiB2-AlN composites for application as cutting tool
Luiz Antônio Fonseca Peçanha, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Ítalo do Vale Tomaz, Marlon Mendes de Oliveira, Alan Monteiro Ramalho, Noan Tonini Simonassi, Fabio de Oliveira Braga
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:550-3
Open access
Effect of the impact geometry in the ballistic trauma absorption of a ceramic multilayered armor system
Fábio de Oliveira Braga, Fernanda Santos da Luz, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Édio Pereira Lima Jr.
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:554-60
Open access
Comparative tensile strength analysis between epoxy composites reinforced with curaua fiber and glass fiber
Natalia de Oliveira Roque Maciel, Jordana Barreto Ferreira, Janaína da Silva Vieira, Carolina Gomes Dias Ribeiro, Felipe Perissé Duarte Lopes, Frederico Muylaert Margem, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira, Luís Carlos da Silva
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:561-5
Open access
Mechanical and microstructural characterization of geopolymeric concrete subjected to fatigue
Verônica Scarpini Cândido, Alisson Clay Rios da Silva, Noan Tonini Simonassi, Eduardo Sousa Lima, Fernanda Santos da Luz, Sergio Neves Monteiro
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:566-70
Open access
High temperature work hardening stages, dynamic strain aging and related dislocation structure in tensile deformed AISI 301 stainless steel
Sergio Neves Monteiro, Lucio Fabio Cassiano Nascimento, Noan Tonini Simonassi, Eduardo Sousa Lima, Andersan Santos de Paula, Fabio de Oliveira Braga
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:571-7
Open access
Characterization of the oxide scale formed on external surface of HP reformer tubes
Rosa Maria Sales da Silveira, Mónica P. Arenas, Clara Johanna Pacheco, Adriana da Cunha Rocha, Carlos Bruno Eckstein, Antonio Carlos Bruno, Gabriela Ribeiro Pereira, Luiz Henrique de Almeida
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:578-83
Open access
Ballistic behavior of a hybrid composite reinforced with curaua and aramid fabric subjected to ultraviolet radiation
Anderson Oliveira da Silva, Karollyne Gomes de Castro Monsores, Suzane de Sant’ Ana Oliveira, Ricardo Pondé Weber, Sergio Neves Monteiro
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:584-91
Open access
Mechanical properties and ballistic behavior of LiF-added Al2O3–4wt%Nb2O5 ceramics
Jheison Lopes dos Santos, Rubens Lincoln Santana Blazutti Marçal, Paulo Roberto Rodrigues de Jesus, Alaelson Vieira Gomes, Édio Pereira Lima, Daniel Navarro da Rocha, Maria Aparecida Pinheiro dos Santos, Lucio Fabio Cassiano Nascimento, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Luis Henrique Leme Louro
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:592-7
Open access
Mechanical properties and microstructure of SMAW welded and thermically treated HSLA-80 steel
Leandro de Jesus Jorge, Verônica Scarpini Cândido, Alisson Clay Rios da Silva, Fabio da Costa Garcia Filho, Artur Camposo Pereira, Fernanda Santos da Luz, Sergio Neves Monteiro
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:598-605
Open access
Comparative analysis between properties and microstructures of geopolymeric concrete and portland concrete
Diegles Simoes de Toledo Pereira, Felipe Jose da Silva, Ana Beatriz Rodrigues Porto, Veronica Scarpini Candido, Alisson Clay Rios da Silva, Fabio Da Costa Garcia Filho, Sergio Neves Monteiro
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:606-11
Open access
Improved clay ceramics incorporated with steelmaking sinter particulates
Monica Manhães Ribeiro, Eduardo Sousa Lima, André Ben-Hur da Silva Figueiredo, Lucas Fonseca Amaral, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira
J Mater Res Technol 2018;7:612-6
Open access
Journal of Materials Research and Technology

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